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Pureed foods require very little chewing. Soft moist cakes with icing ‘ slurried’ cakes. SLPs contributed to the development of the diet but it was not officially reviewed approved by ASHA.
Soft, smooth chocolate bars that are easily chewed. Canned fruit ( excluding pineapple).
With IDDSI, Mildly- > Moderately- > Extremely Thick liquid replace those original three. National dysphagia diet fluid levels.

, tongue presses on marshmallow against the palate • Adhesiveness: food sticks to another surface, e. They should be smooth and free of lumps. National Dysphagia Diet Level 3: Advanced – Page 2 Cereals Cereals may have ¼ cup milk or just enough milk to moisten if thin liquids are restricted. Slurried cookies soft moist cookies that have been ‘ dunked’ in milk, coffee other liquid.

National dysphagia diet fluid levels. There are no longer only the three National Dysphagia Diet levels for thick liquids: Nectar - > Honey - > Pudding Thick. Food Textures for NDD Level 2: Dysphagia Mechanically Altered ( continued) Miscellaneous Recommended • Jams preserves without seeds jelly. A level 1 national dysphagia diet includes only pureed foods.

The National Dysphagia Diet: Guidelines for Purée The language Lingo of Modified Foods Beverages. Dry coarse cakes cookies. Members often ask if ASHA has any policies about dysphagia diets. Pureed foods should have the same texture as pudding.

National Dysphagia Diet Level 2: Mechanically Altered – Page 5. ASHA has not established diet levels or terminology nor does ASHA have any guidelines about the types of foods that should be on a particular diet level. Avoid • Coarse dry cereals such as shredded wheat All Bran®. Formation controlled manipulation mastication are te how the IDDSI framework has expanded the levels of liquid consistencies. , that may have small tender chunks < ½ inch. Thin liquids need to be thickened because they are hard to swallow and more likely to enter the lungs. Peanut butter sticking to palate ( low adhesiveness: applesauce pudding) • Tensile: food extends due to force applied e. Desserts Recommended • All others except those on Avoid list. Sauces salsas etc. The following articles provide more information about the National Dysphagia Diet ( NDD) which has stimulated considerable interest , discussion among dietitians speech- language pathologists. Crisps cobblers without seeds , with soft breading , nuts crumb mixture. • Compression: food deforms due to force applied, e. Recommended • All well- moistened cereals. Dysphagia - Diet Levels & Modifications.
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The National Dysphagia Diet: Guidelines for Purée The language and Lingo of Modified Foods and Beverages. The Levels of Puree.

The Essential Puree Guidebook recipes are for the Dysphagia Advanced Diet. The Essential Purée Guidebook does not deal with the liquid diet,. NATIONAL DYSPHAGIA DIET ( NDD).

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LEVEL 1: DYSPHAGIA PUREED. Description: This diet consists of pureed, homogenous, and cohesive foods.

No coarse textures, raw fruits or vegetables, nuts, and so forth allowed.

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